"What type and year of S10 Donor chassis would works best ?”

1. If your old pickup is a short-bed (116” wheelbase), you will need a standard-cab long-bed S10 donor. The 118” wheelbase of the S10 is adjusted by using the Wheelbase Correctors which relocate the differential 2” forward on the rear leaf springs.

2. If your old pickup is a long-bed (125” wheelbase), you will need an extended-cab short-bed S10 donor. The 123” wheelbase of the S10 is adjusted by turning the rear leaf springs around, end-for-end which will create the 125” wheelbase that is needed. NOTE: Blazer frames are shaped totally different and will not work with the conversion swaps.

3. Any year of S10 or S15 will work with the E-Z Chassis Swaps kits. However, choosing the best type of donor will be based on the owner’s preference of the components from the S10 donor. If you want to use as much of the S10 donor as possible, I would suggest the 1982-1993 series for the following components:
a. Steering column and shaft
b. Automatic transmission shift linkage
c. Complete brake system including pedal assembly
d. Gas pedal assembly
e. Wiring harness
The 1994-2002 S10 donors would not be able to use these components unless they are custom fitted. Items such as ABS brakes and airbag systems require a computer and take up more space. The steering columns and brake pedal assemblies will not work with the kit brackets. The fuse box for the wiring harness is not located in the firewall like on the older S10 pickups. (An option would be to pull these items from the earlier years of S10s and still be able to use the newer chassis.)

Here are some updates that identify the 1994 and newer chassis:
a. Boxed inner frame rails under the cab
b. Self-tapped motor mount bolts
c. Larger brakes and sway-bars (not sure of the year when this started)
d. Transmission mount is shaped differently and the passengers mounting plate will have to be removed
e. Emergency brake cables are joined on the outside of the driver’s side frame rail