The E-Z Chassis Swaps Story

My Truck Life Background:
I was raised as a "Poor Farm Kid" on a small farm in western Minnesota. My Dad had a talent to make almost anything from scrap pieces. I guess I inherited some of that as well. The first vehicle I drove was our 1949 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup when I was 12 years old. I took a liking to the "49er", as we called it. I convinced my Mom to buy a quart of Dutch-Boy "Delft Blue" enamel so I could give the faded and beat-up pickup a new look. Of course a quart didn't cover the whole pickup, so I found some old dark blue paint to do the top. (I told you we were poor!) One coat of carefully brush-applied enamel goes along way! The pickup had an overhauled '57 235 6-banger that ran like a top. At 50 MPH, it was wound tight!

Career Background:
I always was a "car nut", so in my teen years I worked at a gas station and a body shop. It was my dream to go to trade school for Auto Body and build "Street Machines". (It was a 70's term) I ended up going for Drafting and Machine Design, but took Auto Body as a night course. I got my first career job while attending school. I started out as a Draftsman, then Tool Draftsman, then Tool Designer, then Production Engineer Assistant and then Mechanical Design Engineer. And after 25 years of dedication,... I was permanently laid off due to company "down-sizing".

Birth of E-Z Chassis Swaps, LLC:
I took advantage of the severance period to design and develop a kit for '47-'53 pickups. I got the "brainstorm" four years prior to this when we were mounting my buddy's '54 Chevy on a short-wheel base S-10 chassis. I found out just how "snakey" those frames are and it was no easy task to make simple mounts to adapt the old body. I figured I could save people a lot of time (and frustration!) if I could develop a handy kit that also adapted as much of the S-10 components as possible. This would also save time & money because you're using other parts from your "donor" S-10.

Goals of the Business:
1) To provide customer satisfaction of our handy chassis mounting kits for the "do-it-yourselfer".
2) To constantly expand & improve our product line to meet the needs of our customers.
3) By using local, small manufacturing shops, we add to the local economy. Built in the USA!!

On the Homepage I have the verse from Proverbs 16:3 "Commit your work onto the Lord, and it will succeed." I am convinced that God has encouraged me to take a huge step of faith and start this company. Without His encouragement, I would have given up many times by now.

I received God's gift of Forgiveness, Peace, and Eternal life back in July of 1980. It radically changed my life. I'm not perfect, but my Jesus is.

Another passion of mine is short-term mission's trips. Go if you can. It will change your life! 10% of the profits from selling my products goes to help feed children and orphans in Honduras.

God Bless You!